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How is kidney injury or failure diagnosed?

Kidney damage or failure may cause no symptoms in the early stages. Symptoms usually occur in advanced stages due to the significant loss of kidney function.

"Early detection of preclinical kidney damage" is generally not possible with some common routine tests such as blood creatinine measurement or urinalysis, which are also called "symptomatic tests" used for the screening, diagnosis and follow-up of acute renal injury or failure (mild, moderate and severe). They are not able to detect any kidney damage that is occurring insidiously at a very early stage.

For this reason, new biomarkers such as Argeron NephroTesT are used that can detect kidney damage at the asymptomatic or preclinical stage.

Why should acute kidney injury be diagnosed early?

Early diagnosis of acute kidney injury allows to take precautions before the damage becomes irreversible or permanent. Early detection of acute kidney injury may lead to closer monitoring of the patient, early termination of the intervention that caused the damage, initiation of a safe alternative intervention if necessary, implementation of supportive treatments to reverse the damage, and thus prevention of permanent kidney damage.

How can acute kidney injury be detected early?

Early diagnosis of acute kidney injury can be possible with Argeron NephroTesT, a biomarker (test) that can show kidney damage when it is in the asymptomatic stage.

Why should we have Argeron NephroTesT done?

Since acute kidney injury does not cause any complaints at the subclinical stage, it may not be detected without the use of new biomarkers such as NephroTesT.

Some painkillers/fever-reducing drugs, some antibiotics, some food supplements and phytotherapy products, some radiocontrast agents used for imaging (MR, tomography, etc.), traumas, some acute and chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, COVID-19, etc.) and their interventions including drugs and surgery and lifestyles, can cause acute kidney injury. Therefore, it can be used for screening, diagnosis and follow-up, including routine check-up. Feeling healthy doesn't mean we don't have a health problem.

Which medical branches use Argeron NephroTesT?

Since prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up services given by all fields of medicine may be directly or indirectly related to or affect the kidneys; NephroTesT can be used by all medical branches.

Where can I get Argeron NephroTesT done?

Argeron NephroTesT is not a point of care test but can be performed in private hospitals and medical laboratories. You can call us for detailed information about test locations.



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